Tournament Payout Schedule

Each IMTT Tournament will pay out 66.7% of entry fees received.

Each tournament will pay out the top three place finishers***. The pay schedule for three place winners is listed below.  In the event that two or fewer boats register legal fish in a tournament the tournament pay schedule will be adjusted as seen below.

***For any large tournament, i.e. the Mike Sule Memorial Tournament on the Fox Chain, if we get a large turnout of anglers, the IMTT reserves the right to expand the number of places paid out to better represent the top 10% of the field receiving payment for their place.***

3 Places Paid

1st Place = 50%

2nd Place = 30%

3rd Place = 20%


2 Places Paid

1st Place = 60%

2nd Place = 40%


1 Place Paid

1st Place = 100%



In the rare event that no legal fish is caught and registered in an IMTT Tournament, all prize money for that individual tournament will be paid out to 3 places. The top three teams will be drawn at random.

A team, or member of a team, must be present to win in the case that teams must be drawn to determine places.

There will no placement points awarded to any of the three teams that are drawn at random.

Payouts in the Event where No Fish were Registered:

1st Place = 33.3%

2nd Place =33.3%

3rd Place =33.3%