New CPR Rules for the 2019 Trail

Posted by on Jan 7, 2019



In 2019, all IMTT tournament events will be conducted as a Catch, Photo & Release tournament.

  • Every tournament boat MUST have a digital camera with a SD Card or a smart phone that is capable of taking a clear photo operated by the contestants that catch a musky.

  • All teams MUST have an actual bump board for measuring the fish.


  • The photo of the fish must clearly see the nose is touching the front of the board and that the tail is pinched with the daily sticker issued by IMTT are ALL in clear view.

  • After photographing and releasing the fish, contestants shall call an IMTT official by cell phone or VHF radio to report their catch. Failure to compete this will result in the fish not counting for that day.

  • If the IMTT officials cannot clearly read the measurement or sticker, they will make their best determination and that decision will be final.

  • A safe release of the fish immediately after photographing is of utmost importance.

  • Those teams that choose to fish as an individual will be REQUIRED to have a second party witness and assist with this verification process.

  • There will be no more witness points as part IMTT and club events in 2019.

 If the photo cannot be seen clearly or is blurred or no picture at all is taken, the daily sticker is not visible or the fish’s nose appears not to touch the front of the board, your fish will not be counted.

The IMTT, will have available several bump boards at the tournament events for use.  These are property of the IMTT and must be returned immediately after the event is completed.