From Jim Hartley – Spring Classic Participant

Posted by on Apr 3, 2019

I musky fished with John Sutton this weekend at Kincaid Lake in the IMTT outing.  Many thanks to John, as he is very knowledgeable musky angler, and no stranger to this lake.

It was a struggle. We battled thunderstorms most of the whole day  on Saturday. Had a few lightning strikes which chased us off the water . Soaker Rains off and on all day.

Surface water temps were about 49 degrees , but we did find some 54 degree water in the north areas, and in some of the smaller shallow coves.

Sunday it was clear, and Sunny, but ice fishing clothing attire needed with cold mid to high 30’s degree temps. Winds approx. 15MPH ,strong at times ,coming from the north.  Very muddy brown water conditions, with lots of floating debris,  and like my crappie friend down in Kentucky says, the only thing worse than fishing muddy water is:  COLD muddy water!!

Even with  the tough conditions, I had lots of fun, and laughs fishing with with my old partner John again.   ——Also;

The included food, provided from the VFW on Saturday was OUTSTANDING!  ( pulled pork, roast beef, smoked green beans, potato salad, and cherry/peach cobbler). The outing dinner event  held a couple different raffles , with lots of prizes!

I did win a pair of gloves, a new ball cap, and a black buck tail at the outing raffle!! Gloves made it comfortable and needed on Sunday, as I did not bring any!

John won a thermos at the raffle  too!

19 boats entered. Only 1 fish caught 38”on Sunday, for the two days tournament.  So first , second, third, and big fish  prizes went to them!

Anglers who caught this tournament winning fish (approx. $4180)  were excited!

 Sunday their  trolling motor froze in the cold morning and would not work.

( Minn Kota Stow and Deploy model)

They almost went home, but the group talked them in to staying , and fish with their big motor. Proved to be the winning ticket, as they caught the only fish , trolling a believer crankbait , in the first half hour of their troll.

Regret to inform this; it was the first time for me to fish this  awesome lake, and I will go back, god willing! I loved the design of the lake , with deep, shallow water, weeds, timber, and very nice boat ramps. We marked many fish, and clouds of baitfish on the locators. John even snagged a  5-6”shad in the head with his casting crankbait.

Our state has done a great job with this lake!

The IMTT runs a fantastic fishing outing, and they are a very friendly group.

I look forward to go back to this lake again, and also fish another outing with the IMTT.