2022 Jake Wolf Memorial Tournament @ Banner Marsh

Posted by on Jun 12, 2022

We needed a few days to come to terms with the results from this past weekend’s tournament, which was held at Banner Marsh (Johnson & Wheel Lakes), before we could post up them.

There were 17 anglers who participated in the IMTT’s Jake Wolf Memorial tournament on Saturday May 21st & Sunday May 22nd. The field was split in half, with boats fishing one lake the first day and the other lake on the second day of the event. A good portion of Saturday was spent fishing in a cold rain with some wind and rumbles of thunder. Sunday was post-front day with NNW winds and a few clouds.

Several anglers contacted a number of fish on Saturday, and a few tried to eat baits, but did not get hooked. Sunday was much slower with just a few fish contacted and very few opportunities to even attempt to hook a fish.

In the end, it was mother nature who won this round, as no anglers were able to land a 30″ minimum muskie during tournament hours. We were forced to draw for prize money – the prize pool was divided three ways and three teams were drawn at random for a portion of the prize pool.