2021 Gregg Tichacek Memorial Tournament at Lake McMaster

Posted by on Sep 26, 2021

We want to congratulate the players for the IMTT Gregg Tichacek Memorial Tournament that was held on Saturday, September 25th on Lake McMaster. Almost every boat contacted fish on a mostly sunny day following a cool front that pushed through the night before. There were several shorts caught, and then three boats landed a qualifying fish.

In First Place was the team of Phil Gutmann (44″) and Q Carlson. Phil also earn another big fish award for the tournament. Second Place went went to Kenn Blair (42.5″) and Rob Hawbaker. Third place went to Chris Showalter (38″). We want to thank all of the teams that came out to fish with us. It is only through your participation that the IMTT can continue its great programs.

Our next event is happening in just two weeks and will be held at Prairie Lake in the Jim Edgar Panther Creek Wildlife Area. We will be hold a two day event here with a Saturday dinner and raffle. We have some great prizes to give away. Come on out and join us.