The second Trail event of 2017 is the Jake Wolf Memorial Tournament on Spring Lake North April 8th & 9th. The IMTT Jake Wolf Memorial Tournament is named after the late Jacob John “Jake” Wolf, former Deputy Director of Conservation for Illinois.

Natural springs throughout the lake along with the thick cover of vegetation through the warm summer months help maintain the water qualities and cool water temperatures which are favorable for Muskie populations. The thick vegetation also provides fish protection from predatory birds. Spring Lake North in Tazewell County has 578 surface acres, but an average depth of only 2.9 feet. The lake was built in 1916 when a levee was constructed between the Illinois River and the natural sand ridge to the southeast separating the spring filled marshy area from the river. In 1978 the lake was cut into two almost equal lakes which we now know as Spring Lake North and Spring Lake South. By 1983 the lakes had established much of the aquatic vegetation that is seen there today. By early summer each year approximately three-fourths of the lake becomes covered with 17 different species of aquatic vegetation consisting primarily of invasive Eurasian Milfoil. Because of its proximity to the Jake Wolf Hatchery, Spring Lake North is used as a brood source for Muskies and now provides most of the Muskies stocked statewide each year. Spring Lake North is stocked every third year at a rate of between 2 and 3 fish per acre.

Popular baits for chasing Spring Lake Muskies include Rat-L-Traps, Fat Belly Rattlers, small (bass sized) crankbaits and spinnerbaits.

Friday evening registration will be held at McCritter’s Grille 2801 Court St, Pekin, Illinois 61554 from 5pm until 8 pm.

Contact  Bob Taylor at or by phone at 309-262-9720.